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Sample newborn feeding and sleep schedules, for breastfeeding and formula fed newborn babies. Also, tips on newborn sleep patterns, and newborn growth spurts.


This article will show you how to supplement breastfeeding with formula

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Can You Breastfeed And Give Your Baby Formula?

Feeding your baby formula in addition to breastfeeding is called supplementing. There are many reasons women decide to give their children formula along with breastfeeding. Every baby and situation is unique, a combination of breastfeeding and formula may work well for your family.

You can start introducing your baby to good sleep habits from day one. The important thing is to adapt the routine as your baby gets older. Our age-by-age guides will help.

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30 Ways Breastfeeding and Formula-Feeding Are Exactly the Same

This article gives an alternative & positive perspective to the #breastfeeding vs formula debate. #MothersLove #SpecialNeeds


Banana, Peach and Strawberry Puree recipe for baby weaning, first foods, Annabel Karmel


AMAZING website for making your own baby food. Includes tons of recipes, and why they are so good for your wee one.

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Combining Breastfeeding with Formula

Breast is best, but introducing some formula may actually help you keep nursing longer.

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Introduce Solids With Baby Led Weaning

Introducing baby to solids can be stressful but with baby led weaning they enjoy a wide range of food early on and are the least picky eaters ever ...

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50 Baby Led Weaning Ideas

50 BABY LED WEANING IDEAS A round-up of healthy, easy to prepare baby led weaning-inspired snacks and meals for babies and toddlers.