Emergency sadness kit, or relax kit, or pms kit, could be called anything but is awesome!

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Sometimes watching movies, snacking on comfort food and a good mani-pedi are all the pain-killers you need. Our Break Up Gift is specially formulated to show your BFF that even though she’s single, she’s loved.

LOVE STINKS A Break Up Survival Kit Love Stinks… lets drink. We never liked him anyway! It’s time to start fresh with a Parcelly suited for the

Breakup survival kit: Ring pops- to remind you that your worth it and deserve a ring Band aids- to remind you that the hurt will heal Garbage bag- to trash all of his stuff Face mask- when you feel like you need to hide Skittles (rainbow)- to remind you that after the storm there is always a rainbow Rubber band (bouncy ball), Lip gloss, Lifesavers, Brownie mix, Ice cream, Hershey's, Takis fuego/spicy cheetoes, Tissues, Pretzel M&Ms, Teddybear, Decorative basket, tinsel (Each one includes a…

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Breakup survival kit for my friend :)

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