Make your own medal - this would be so fun for the kids

I ate a million of these in Taiwan! So refreshing. :)

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set of four vintage 1950s diner chairs recovered in vintage African fabric by Eclectic Chair

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Amazing! Credit: Trond Larsen/Conservation International Many planthopper species exude waxy secretions from the abdomen, and these sometimes form long strands, such as can be seen here. The long waxy strands may provide protection from predators - fooling them into attacking the wrong part of the insect. The wax breaks off while the insect jumps to safety. The juvenile planthopper in this photo is only about 5mm long, and was exceedingly difficult to photograph!

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Hair care made simple from @triumphanddisaster the Coltrane hair clay is a mixture of white clay beeswax & pracaxi oil and then a splash of Brazil wax make this a very natural hair product #clay #groom #grooming #mensfashion #style #fashion #mensgrooming #hairwax #triumph

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