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Michael Kors Women’s Watch MK3192


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I like the aesthetic of cutting out an image and placing it in all different places. This could connect to my theme as it could represent how children how been misplaced and changed over generations.

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It's not the pixar film I expected but a great film nonetheless. Brave doesn't have the impact or innovation usually present in their films but a masterful creator can still tell an old story.

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If Disney characters had to survive the Walking Dead

Oh my god, this is SO AWESOME i love her bow and merida and how shes just like an apocalypse survivor! So cool!

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Tangled/ How to Train Your Dragon... oh gosh their expressions. And don't forget little Toothless there in the corner :)

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Styles Inspired by Christmas

Such an elegant outfit- Perfect for gloomy winter days. Hair is dreamy

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