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Excellent brake pads and discs by EBC saved my life! Loyal EBC Brake customer Kevin emailed us and sent on some jaw dropping footage from his dashcam video.

The braking system contains many moving parts, and because brakes work by creating friction to slow or stop the vehicle, many of these parts wear a little each time the brakes are applied. For example, car brake pads contain 'friction material' – a material with a rough surface which is forced onto the car brake disc to slow it down, or stop it completely, during braking. This rate that this friction material wears is... FULL ARTICLE @

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Hatfield meadow, knighton Powys

EBC long-lasting motocross brake pads and discs impress Aled Humphreys. Using Oversized MX Discs and sintered R-Series Brake pads Aled raced over 5 weekends

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How To Replace Brake Pads And Discs - Fiat Grande Punto 1.2 2006 - 2009

How To Replace Brake Pads And Discs On The Fiat Grande Punto 1.2 2006 - 2009

Specialist car racers have success with EBC car brake pads and discs. Race reports from assisted racers; Team Red mist and Peter Locke.