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I make indestructible braided rugs, no sewing required! Just takes fabric, scissors and time. - Imgur


Recycled rug tutorial. Can clean out my closet, kill some time, AND cover up the awful carpet in my apartment!


braided rug using sheets from the thrift store. Why didn't I think of thrift store sheets?!

from Hobbycraft Blog

The 17 Best Rag Rugging Ideas of 2014

The 17 Best Rag Rugging Ideas of 2014 #RagRugging


twining - Like grandma's rugs. I want to try this one day. Wish I had her loom.


"Sew Your Own Rug from Fabric Strips | DIY Tutorial Using Old Clothes & Scrap Fabric" - Rag rugs are such wonderful things - they have been made for generations and are one of the best upcycling crafts you'll find - lovely and cheerful in any space! <3

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How To Make a No-Sew Round Braided Rug With T-Shirts!

"What in the world can I do with all of these old t-shirts?" -- A thought I have had recently as I've been clearing out boxes and boxes of old clothes. I wanted to recycle them somehow because they weren't all suitable for charity and I'm sentimental about clothing somet


I had 3 bath towels that had stains on them, but otherwise were in really good shape so I decided to turn them into my next project. ...

Why didn't I think of that? Report clip to hold the ends. Great for t-shirt woven headband.