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Braid Headband

from Seventeen

33 Stunning Prom Hairstyles You Can Actually Pull Off

Perrie Edwards's Braided Headband. Tilt your head to one side, and begin French braiding at that ear. Continue the braid up over the top of your head, only adding hair from the section in front of the braid. Once you reach the other side, pin the end of the plait behind your ear and pull your hair towards your face to cover it.


Check out this braid tutorial -

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6 Hair Headband Styles with Tutorials

French braid headband going to do this w my bangs then have my hair down really curly for prom


Four Headband Braids is a tutorial that will teach you how to do a French Braid Headband, Lace Braid Headband, Dutch Braid Headband, and Half Dutch Braid Headband.


The Dutch braid is a great hairstyle to try after you have mastered the French braid and are looking for something new. The look is quite simple to achieve though it may appear tricky at first. The Dutch braid is actually an upside down French braid where the strands are simply wrapped under the middle... Read More »