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Which Ones Work? The Truth About 7 Gender Prediction Tests

Many gender prediction tests are old wives' tales, but it's still exciting to try and determine if you're having a baby girl or boy on your own! From the baking soda theory to the ring on a string, we're giving you the scoop on these tests.

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Take this Quiz: Is Your Baby a Girl or a Boy?

Myths Predicting Your Baby Gender. Care to know? Curious about the gender of the tiny tenant who's been subletting your uterus for the past nine months? You're not alone. read more.


Check If You’re Expecting A Boy Or A Girl Using This Baking Soda Gender Prediction Test

There are plenty of old wives tales out there about whether you’re going to have a baby boy or girl. While none of them have been proven (or are medically accurate), they’re fun to read. And you never know, they may turn out to be right! #baby #pregnant #babygender #babysex #babymyths #pregnancymyths #pregnancy