Leonardo Dicaprio, I don't know why but I prefer his looks during his Titanic years. Of course he is still a COMPLETE hottie now!

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Justin Bieber Perfectly Shuts Down Fan's 'Personal' Selena Gomez Question At Concert

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Shawn Mendes talks Ed Sheeran and touring with Taylor Swift

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February Bazaar: Inside the issue

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What's that? You'd jump off this building for me? Oh you don't have to do that. You just have to go back in time once you are 20 to 1994 and let me convince you to give up smoking and make you fall in love with me That's all..

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The 100 British celebrities who really matter by Piers Morgan (100 to 79)

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Shawn Mendes is super chill. I hope everyone has a chance to meet him eventually!

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