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As more and more of what I’ve been working on recently becomes public more and more questions roll in asking if Boxer Hockey and Diesel are just dead now.  I keep meaning to do a write up or explanation but every time I do I just can’t get the words right.  The flat truth is that I’ve just been going through some real personal shit this year.  My whole life has been flipped on it’s head and it’s all I can do just to keep a roof over my head right now.  And sadly beloved personal projects…


Boxer Hockey by Tyson Hesse is a hilarious webcomic about some guys who play a sport called Boxer Hockey. Yes it's a sport webcomic. Don't let that scare you! Trust me this shit is hilarious and a must read another Highly recommended here!


Boxer Hockey A sport more dangerous than rugby. All players welcome.

To Be Or Not To Be: That Is The Adventure by Ryan North » Hamlet and Ghosts illustration by Tyson Hesse of BOXER HOCKEY


Boxer Hockey never ceases to impress me. The wonderful art and style and the characters are just great. If you haven't read it go check it out.


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