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FORD-Raptor. . .1GXG loves these PikUps.. .

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....I just remembered almost getting in a fight with Tazz in High school over a seat on the school bus......It was my Seat, and everyone knew it......I sat their every single was in the second to last row of the bus.....It was on the same day of the annual football dinner....where the team gave out awards...we got into a heated and loud argument.....then their was a little pushing and shoving...

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Parents file lawsuit against Bountiful High girls’ volleyball coaches for assault and battery

BOUNTIFUL, Utah -- Two coaches on the Bountiful High School girls' volleyball team are being sued for assault and battery. The lawsuit was filed by Clair Asay, who has two daughters on the team and...

Two volleyball coaches at Bountiful High suspended in wake of lawsuit alleging assault and battery

BOUNTIFUL, Utah -- Two Bountiful High School volleyball coaches being sued for assault and battery were suspended by the Davis School District Wednesday, and the men will be allowed to continue tea...