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Interesting facts about the ancient Celts


Hatshepsut, one of my favorite female ruler... Right up there with Queen Elizabeth I


Facts & games on the Celts for kids. Learn about Celtic life in the Iron Age, Boudicca, roundhouses, food & weapons. Watch Horrible Histories videos.

Facts about Boudicca. Try this with our Boudicca Comprehensions. Differentiated six ways.

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Viking Odin Sleipnir brown vinyl decal

Viking Odin Sleipnir brown vinyl decal.For more Viking facts please follow and check out don't forget to support and follow the original Pinner/creator. Thx


Rainforest information for children | KS1 and KS2 rainforest homework help | TheSchoolRun


Hoard of priceless Roman bling that escaped the hands of Boudicca found under busy High St

A PRICELESS collection of Roman bling, buried to protect it from Britain's warrior queen Boudicca, has been found under a busy High Street.

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She crucified her enemies and burnt London to the ground. Meet Britain's first feminist, Boadicea



10 Lesser-Known Celtic Leaders Who Fought The Romans

When it comes to Celtic leaders who defended their land from the encroaching Romans, one figure instantly comes to mind—the famous war-queen Boudicca and her equally famous (and sometimes historically inaccurate) chariot. It’s easy to assume that she was the only Celtic leader to rally against the invaders; in actual fact, there are several others who haven’t achieved nearly the same fame as Boudicca. The Romans were efficient and ruthless, so fighting them was no easy feat. As such, not…