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Bottle Cap Spelling

It's fun to spell with milk cap letters... get patterns for making the letters plus these free spelling mats.


Short vowels centers for word work that practice beginning sounds and ending sounds with CVC words using bottle caps... so much fun!

Example to order a custom bottle cap table. by MyAfterthoughts23


Word work ideas for kindergarten and first grade to practice reading CVC words while also practicing literacy skills like identifying beginning sounds, ending sounds, vowel sounds, and more


Bottle Caps ABCs Activities - Alphabetize: have your child put the caps in alphabetical order * Spell Your Name, Alphabet Sorts: curvy and straight tall and short, tails and no tails, vowels and consonants, in my name and not in my name, Short vowel words, the magic 'e', and many more learning games that are fun for your child using these alphabet bottle caps!