so true how come we all end up putting the effort in with people who don't even bother making the effort with us !

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If someone really got to know me then I would talk but my words cut like razors.

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Stay strong and remain kind! I allowed anger and resentments of the arrogant to take my kindness from me. I'm just now learning to regain that inside me. Which, makes me a much better version of me and the real me! Never allow anyone to dull your shine!

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Some days are harder than others... If I wanted to wallow around in a gutter I would have made different choices, just so happens I'm just not a "gutter" kind of woman... It's good to be me...

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Even though you where on the transplant list I never thought that last week was going to be your last week, I thought you would get your second chance, you deserved it. Would gladly swap places with you my Angel. Love you so much xxxxxxxxxx mam

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That is a fact! Just know I won't do shit for you next time. BET ON THAT... Man, Some people are fuck lazy ass ungrateful people....

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sad that after the worst day of my career the person who I thought cared the most, didn't even bother with a phone call.

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Some day, you're going to send me a message out of the blue. & I'm going to have the strength to ignore it. -Life, Love & Broken Heart Quotes - Your broken heart is going to be mended ...when someone unexpected gives you theirs! Go

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