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Travel-inspired wedding cake Cake: Gateaux Inc | Brandis Alves Photography

from Skint Dad

Loans and the Different Types of Borrowing

When looking to borrow money for a loan there are many different options. Each type of loan is very different so research thoroughly before you consider applying.


Imagine going to a friend’s house to ask to borrow money. Would you, as soon as the door is opened, say: Assalamu alaykum, can you lend me money please? Or would you first enquire how they were doing, if it were a good time for them, and then explain the reason for your request? When it comes to asking Allah …

from Simply Stacie

Breathtaking Niagara Falls

Ontario, Canada. I would want to go here because of Niagra Falls. It's a place where everyone wants to go but I just think the scenery would be worth the trip and I've never heard bad things about it.


Suppose you want to borrow money from a friend. Would you go to the house, knock on the door, and ask for money? Or would you greet him, inquire about his well-being, and then ask? Similarly, you’re missing out on a beautiful sunnah if you dive right into your dua’. When it comes to supplicating, praise Allah ‘azza wa jall …

from IKEA

Easel MÅLA Softwood/white

If you don't want to deal with converting a picture frame into a chalkboard, just buy the Måla easel.


Crows use tools Can be taught to speak (like parrots) Have huge brains for birds like seriously their brain-to-body size ratio is equal to that of a chimpanzee They vocalize anger, sadness, or happiness some crows stay with their mates until one of them dies they can remember faces


"I got a text from a wrong number the other night, I simply informed them that it was not their friend's number. Strange, I can't remember what I did earlier that day."

1 "Be hard up" means "to have very little money". Example: You know I hate to ask but could I borrow some money until I get paid? I’m really hard up this month.