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Earth heading for 'mini ice age' within 15 years

London policemen on ice skates on the frozen River Thames circa 1900

from The Telegraph

How is Britain going to knit itself together again after the EU referendum?

London Mayor Boris Johnson grimaces as David Cameron, standing to his left and…

from The Telegraph

Boris Johnson has a rather adorable nickname for Michael Gove

Boris Johnson and Michael Gove

from The Telegraph

‘It’ll be fine, folks!’ Boris Johnson fights for Brexit in the north

Priti Patel and Boris Johnson inspect sewing machines during a visit of…

from The Telegraph

Why leaving the EU could actually be to our economic advantage

Boris Johnson MP addresses members of the public in Parliament St, York during…

from The Telegraph

David Cameron admits EU referendum has damaged his friendship with Boris Johnson

David Cameron and Boris Johnson

from The Telegraph

Five reasons why it's still worth a punt on Brexit

Vote Leave supporters wait for London Mayor Boris Johnson to address campaigners…

from The Telegraph

Britain is a nation of pedantic busybodies... so how can we complain about EU red tape?

Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, at a Vote Leave rally in Newcastle

from The Telegraph

David Cameron thinks Brexit could lead to war... and he’s probably right

Boris Johnson gives a speech in London about Brexit