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You can create an #array & give it a name just like you would any other variable. The values are assigned to the array I side a pair of square brackets and each value is separated by a comma. The values in the array do not need to be the same data type so you can store a string a number and a #Boolean all in the same array. ---- This technique for creating an array is known as an array literal. It's usually the preferred method for creating an array. You can also write each value on a…

Boolean Data Type and Comparison and Logic Gates nodes.

ARRAYS IN JAVASCRIPT - #Array, #ArrayInJavascript, #ArraysInProgramming, #JavaScriptTutorials, #LearningJavascript, #MultiDimensionalArray, #WebToasts We have learned about Number, strings and Boolean data types. These are great to store individual amount of data. Sometimes we need to manipulate a group of data like a set of fruits, a list of ingredients to make a yummy recipe. We can create as many variables as we ca

Convert value of an enumerated type to its equivalent string representation using Enum Cl

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