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You know that bookmarks are nothing but a name: | 17 Truths Only Book Lovers Will Understand

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"Fog on her glasses From the still steaming tea A book in her hand As she casually reads. A catch in her breath As the climax grows near She's deaf to the world: The book's all she can hear. She's completely lost now, Or perhaps she is found In this strange paper world That's far from the ground." poetry

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Buying me books is a good way to win over my heart.Reading them, and discussing them with me. you might as well propose.

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I lived in books more than I lived anywhere else (11/?) Prints, shirts, pillows, and more: RB // S6 // TeePublic

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Do you love "real" books like I do? Read more to find out what happens to your brain when you read fiction!

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