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We tried loads of photographic approaches for this cover before arriving at this. I created this illustration as a last-minute entry to the Cover Meeting, and amazingly it ended up being the finished jacket. Here's the finished cover, plus a close-up of the illustration.


I don't read much but this book was absolutely sensational. Touching, empowering and filled with beautiful imagery. Ernest Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea. Thanks Meg for the recommendation.


The Best Crime Novel Covers Ever

Crime novel - Book design! Uses different body parts which are usually present in crime genre. The body parts have been in shape of a gun which is a clever design, as you can easily see which body part is. It is facing up to the top right hand corner of the book which follows the natural eye line, and how the reader will naturally flick to the next page. The book may make them feel more intrigued.


This cover is similar to the covers of Jaws and The Iceberg as it shows a view of both above water and underwater and the colours of each contrast well. Unlike the cover of The Iceberg, the type is not lost in the colour. It also uses letters of different sizes to help it stand and out and fit around the curves of the main image.