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INFJs are artistic and creative. They live in a world of hidden meanings and possibilities.

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Sixteen ivory and bone chess and other gaming pieces, Persia or Egypt, 9th-11th century

My beautiful angel. I lost your mommy, but never you. They'll have to break my bones and tear out my heart before they breath a hair on your pretty little head. My beautiful Delila.

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Bits of art found around the interweb (27 photos)

Hades was the god of the underworld, and Persephone was his queen. She stayed with him for half of a year, and while she was with him her mother Demeter entered a deep depression where nothing grew. This is how the Greeks and Romans explained winter.

INFJs are protective of their inner selves, sharing only what they choose to share when they choose to share it.

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Leilla pumps via Pink & Pepper | Reed Krakoff Boxer tote via @Neiman Marcus | Rag & Bone Bailey jacket | Nanette Lepore sweet sixteen skirt | Basilissa pave bracelet via Ily Couture | Sephora by OPI nail polish in What a Broad

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