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fuckyeahtattoos: ~ My 4th tattoo so far: Virgo constellation. Tattoo artist: Walter Buffa at “De eso se trata” tattoo & piercing studio. San Miguel de Tucumán (Tucumán) - Argentina.

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THE BIOMIC STAND custom created for lead singer Adam Gontier of Three Days Grace Edition of 3, cast in Stainless Steel Photos: © 2010 Dennis Blachut (

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How can I miss you when we haven’t even met.You, sir. My future. I know you. I feel you in my bones.My morning bones, aching full with sleep. I feel you.I know you. I know you in the way my hair fall across my face.In the way my lips meet that of my glass filled with fresh water.In the curve of my hips, I know you. You meet me, in thoughts and plans.I miss you. You sir, a part of a past life, a part of a future one.You meet me in the spaces of my mind, but not yet upon this gro

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Serpentina (1908-?) The Serpent Lady Serpentina was born with no bones in her body besides her skull and a few in her arms.

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Aries Constellaion tattoos project by Sailor Raffy: the Aries. - want this behind my ear!

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Stop waisting your time seeking the most ideal diet plan ever before! Rather take a look at more terrific as well as quick and easy pointers to transform your life along with

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heart 4 true - I know what I'd like to be written but probs that'll just be in my dreams (

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Small wrist tattoo...i like...but maybe two birds..(2 kids) will get another bird with another kid?

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