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Bone density test results. Interpret your bone density T score and start your natural osteoporosis treatment today.

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Jeffrey Dach MD Reversing Osteoporosis Naturally - The DEXA test result is called a T-Score and this is based on comparison with a healthy 20-30 year old bone density. The Z-score which compares your bone density to other women of your age group is closer to reality.

The bones of an 89-year old female with osteoporosis – sad, yet beautiful decay. If you have no wish to acquire this type of decay for yourself see what a vegan diet can do for you..

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When you have a bone density test, your result comes back as a “T-score.” Osteoporosis -3 means you need to take steps to boost your bone strength.

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Bone density test Results - Mayo Clinic

To prevent mosquitoes from transmitting dengue virus to humans, can mosquitos be injected with a vaccine? That's what Australian scientists are working on.

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Mark Bittman's Top 12 Make-Ahead Dishes

Patients aren’t the only ones interested in alternative and complementary medicine. In a new occasional series, Well talks to doctors around the country to find out what nontraditional medicines or therapies they sometimes recommend or use themselves.

Bone Density Chart: Understand Your Bone Density Scores - University Health News

Ultrasound First. Consider the benefits . . . safe, effective, affordable.

Relation between foot arch index and ankle strength in elite gymnasts: a preliminary study -- Aydog et al. 39 (3): e13 -- British Journal of Sports Medicine

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