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Visit link to learn more about bone cancer symptoms. Plus learn about alternative cancer treatment and how previous cancer and conventional bone cancer treatment can increase risk for bone cancer. Listen to your body for cancer healing. Bless!

Bone cancer cell - “And unless we face world population head-on, we are doing nothing more than sticking a Band-Aid on a fast-growing cancerous tumor.” - chapter 31


Breast and Bone Cancer: Two Testimonials of Healing Cancer with a Ketogenic Diet

from Dr. Axe

Top 10 Calcium Rich Foods -

The benefits of calcium are bone health, cancer prevention, weight management, and heart health. Try the Top 10 Calcium Rich Foods to get your daily dose!

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This Is What Bone Cancer Looks Like

Osteosarcoma - Bone Cancer.


Bone Cancer, Signs and Symptoms !

Contrary to popular belief, animal milk does not promote strong bones, as the…


1-cup of Mung bean sprouts contain 50% Vitamin C & up to 30% of Vitamin K to fulfill the suggested RDA, both necessary for bone health. Regular consumption can help prevent many age-related skin changes, including elasticity & moisture loss. The sprouts can help reduce LDL-cholesterol which helps prevent atherosclerosis, the most common cause of cardiovascular disease. They also contains Kanavanin, said to be able to paralyze the seeds of cancer in leukemia, colon & pancreas. #dherbs