Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, Texas Federal Reserve Note coupon bond Series 1934 Treaty Of Versailles era Treasury chest ( top view ) reads three trillion with twelve individual motherboxes therein.

Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Illinois Federal Reserve Note coupon bond Series 1934 presentation box ( obverse & reverse ) contain two-hundred fifty sheets reading one billion ( each ). Depending on size of Treaury chest, between six and twelve of such boxes are held within.

Great night at the China Fleet New Years Eve Party this year. We are now thinking of themes for next year

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Claudine Auger as Domino in Thunderball 1965, the fourth spy film in the James Bond series starring Sean Connery.

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Barbara Bach played the roll of Bond girl "Anya Amasova" in The Spy who loved me (1977)

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James Bond Thunderball insert movie poster. Art by Robert McGinnis and Frank McCarthy. Sean Connery

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It seems to take a lot of effort to get the whole family to watch a film these days but this did it. Liked the fact that the female agent, who looked to be 007's love interest, didn't become too important (and at times proved useful). The shower scene female was also quickly dispatched having served her purpose, even if a 'waste of a good scotch'. After that we got on with the action which provided some originality in places. Light entertainment that did it's job without too much annoyance.

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Casino Royale (2006). Blond Bond had his doubters, but Daniel Craig reinvented 007 post-Bourne in a film that threw out the crusty old formula and made the franchise relevant again.

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