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Fried Bologna and Egg Sandwich. A fried bologna sandwich meets an egg sandwich…

The Grown Up Bologna Sandwich

Bologna Sandwich More

Bad Ass Bologna Sandwich Spread

Bologna Sandwich Spread

Junkyard Special

This sandwich has a lot of Nostalgia for my family, two of my favorite people loved fried bologna sandwiches. One of whom grew up in a junkyard, eating them all through her childhood. I created the sandwich to celebrate her memory, and it has turned out to be one of our favorites.

The old school Fried Bologna Sandwich (Don’t judge me!)

Better Bologna Sandwich

Better Bologna Sandwich: A grown up and much tastier version of the bologna sandwich. I like to use good Mortadella, Gruyere cheese, and a quick homemade olive tapenade. Mouth watering! |

Fried bologna (you know it's true)

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Monkey Meat… it’s not what you think

Monkey Meat! It's a delicious 3 ingredient sandwich spread that kids go bananas over!

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fried bologna sandwich, trader joe's brioche rolls, trader joe's pub cheese, fried bologna, Oh Yea Love fried bologna!!!!!!

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Bologna Sandwichs on White Bread... (sometimes with a Kraft cheese slice too, for variation!)...

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