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How to use an HTML boilerplate

How to use an HTML boilerplate | Creative Bloq's Braid Aims to Weave Together Neural Network Components Startup on Monday introduced Braid an open source tool available for free to companies developing neural networks. Braid is a flexible customizable modular meta-framework that works with operating systems for deep learning. It is designed for rapid development and to support arbitrary network designs. It is simple and scalable for use with networks that need to handle many data points at large volume said…

Finally my custom jquery plugin is done.. thanks for Stackoverflow . . . . . . #javascript #jquery #boilerplate # #api #json #web #coding #code #developer #aspnet #mvc #dotnet #msdn #visualstudio #worldcode #worldofprogrammers

Boilerplate code - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Loving this minimap atom package. A preview of the source code on the side makes the entire editor look sexier _________________________________________________________ #Code #CodeEditor #Atom #Package #Minimap #HTML5 #HTML5Boilerplate #CSS3 #Javascript #Web #WebDevelopment #WebDeveloper #WebDeveloperLife

Sometime midweek I decided to start building a responsive layout of my paint app landing page concept and only last night it hit me that my entire approach of building a responsive webpage using a mobile first approach css framework like foundation does not make sense. I had started by building the desktop version first and that meant alot of media queries will have to be written to get it to be perfect on mobile and that's going to be time consuming and for mobile browsers that do not…


Review: Innovative ‘No Man’s Sky’ soars and bores

For the past week, that’s been my boilerplate response to friends asking if No Man’s Sky, the highly anticipated space exploration game from Sony and indie developer Hello Games, is worth playing. Because trying to sum up the biggest video game ever created in a simple “yes” or “no” just doesn’t feel

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Boilerplate code to embed a Browser into your iPhone app