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Boiled Egg Benefits

from BBC Good Food

Best-ever tiramisu

Tiramisu BBC Good Food Recipe Ingredients 568ml pot double cream 250g tub mascarpone 75ml Marsala 5 tbsp golden caster sugar 300ml strong coffee , made with 2 tbsp coffee granules and 300ml boiling water 175g pack sponge fingers 25g chunk dark chocolate 2 tsp cocoa powder


Avocado - this rich, dark green base oil is wonderful “skin food”, and makes an excellent addition to any facial oil – at a 5-10% dilution – for dry, sun damaged or ageing skin types. It is extracted from the flesh of the fruit, and is too sticky to use undiluted, but has a wonderful emollient action when diluted with another carrier oil. #baseformula #carrieroils #avocado #fruit #naturalhealth #health #nature #skincare

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Why going to work on an egg is healthier than it used to be: Nutritional benefits have increased in past 30 years

John Giarratano lost 40 pounds on Atkins! By eating the Atkins way, I know which foods work with my blood sugar levels to help maintain my energy and keep me feeling satiated. Thanks to Atkins, I now live a happy, healthy, balanced life. [Most rapid weight loss typically occurs in Phase 1. Results will vary as actual weight loss varies by individual.]


The Benefits of Hard-Boiled Eggs for Weight Loss

Weeds: If you can't beat 'em, eat 'em! Several weed species, such as chickweed, dandelions, and chicory, are safe and tasty to eat. You should first identify the species of weed that’s invading your garden. If it’s edible, look up recipes. Chickweed, for example, can be a great addition to pesto. Once you have your meal planned, dig out the weed (again, from the root), wash it thoroughly, and start preparing it.

from the Guardian

Scientists have found a way to ‘unboil’ eggs – and it could be a life-saver

Scientists have found a way to ‘unboil’ eggs – and it could be a life-saver | It may not sound like the most useful of scientific endeavours, but the methods used to turn a hard-boiled egg back into its liquid state could bring major benefits to areas as diverse as cheese-making and cancer research