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Boil In Ear

from Beauty and Remedies

When&Why you should put onion in your ear

Why would someone put onion in their ear? It's sounds unbelievable, but so are the effects!

I believe in this quote 100% it worked for me and I was a scrooge for love at one point. Then I focused on myself and the man I am with now going on a year came out of no where, and I believed in love again. It's possible when you really don't believe it is anymore, but don't give up, if anything always love yourself. And to update this quote, the man that made me believe in love again, I can now say I'm engaged to. I also love myself even more, and it was working on the words in this…

Martin Brothers Pottery… English, 1800′s to early 1900′s produced some grotesque pottery in the shape of heads, large birds

This fierce lady is Juana Galán. When Napolean's army came to her town,she rallied the women to overthrow the soldiers with boiling oil.She carried a large club, and beat any French soldier that came her way. And she was only 21 years old! (Paraphrasing from original source.)