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50 beautiful minimalist and tiny tattoos from geometric shapes to linear patterns

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Being tattooed doesn't have to mean going all out. You can get some super subtle tiny tattoos that will suit even the most tattoo-phobic among us. These twelve adorable minimalist tattoos from Playground Tattoo in Korea are prime examples and we're sure they'll make you want to get inked!

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Lovely Organic hand screen printed Baby Grows/Body/Romper Suits. Made from ethical, fair trade cotton. Bear and T Rex designs available

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De volta ao trabalho! Tigre feito para a Julia!! #tattoo #tatuagem #desenho…

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30 Badass Female Tattoo Artists to Follow on Instagram ASAP

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How to Get the Best Jeans for Your Shape

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50 Peony Tattoo Designs

The one that can suit your emo look, is next on our list. The touch of black color, and the details in this tattoo, make it something different of all.

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