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What Is Bodily Injury Liability Coverage? #cars #accidents

What is Bodily Injury Liability Insurance? How Much Coverage Do I Need? Keep Reading: -

The Differences in Bodily Injury Liability & Medical Expenses for Car Insurance : Auto Insurance -

Contrary to instinct, your quest for the right car insurance doesn’t start with your car. How can this be? A little thing called liability, more specifically bodily injury liability and property damage liability. Liability actually doesn’t even start with a conversation about car insurance at all. It starts with a conversation about something called net worth or the value of your personal assets after all personal debts have been subtracted. Your net worth is what someone will pursue if you…

WARNING video and photos are very graphic and viewer discretion is advised. The article is designed to capture the reality of automobile accidents and why there is a need for adequate insurance coverage. What are bodily injury liability, property damage and uninsured motorist coverages?


Liability Coverage pays damages due to bodily injury and damage to another’s property for which you are legally responsible. If you’re sued, it also pays your defense and court costs. Medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages are some examples of what Bodily Injury Liability may cover. Property Damage Liability covers damage to property and loss of its use. How much coverage do you need? Every state sets a minimum coverage level. Selecting more than the minimum coverage would…

As per law the minimum car insurance required in New York state is $50000 personal injury protection, $25000 bodily injury liability cover per person, and $25000 uninsured bodily injury cover, and $10000 property damage liability cover. For more info click here



Motorcycle Insurance: Types of Coverage Explained Bodily Injury Liability: This insures you for personal injury caused by the motorcycle rider. •Guest Passenger Liability: While some insurance carriers will include coverage for injury to passengers in the bodily injury (“BI”) coverage, some companies make this a separate type of coverage. •Medical Payments: This will pay you if you are injured in a motorcycle accident up to the limit amount.