The Scariest Places in America | BODIE, CALIFORNIA | Considered one of the country's most authentic ghost towns, this Gold-Rush– era mining settlement still has about 100 structures standing, including a jail, firehouse, and church. It's part of the California and is in a state of "arrested decay," meaning nothing has been touched since it was designated a historic site in 1962.

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GHOST TOWN: BODIE, CALIFORNIA - Hold on to your hat because today we’re going to talk about Bodie, California - a ghost town that many people claim is filled with real live ghosts! Live ghosts? Well, you get my drift! It’s a ghost town with ghosts and a good old-fashioned curse and everything! Read all about Bodie in my blog today! #wildwest #history #travel

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Some fantastic snaphots from Bodie Historic State Park, an old gold mining town that's essentially frozen in time.

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An old switchboard sits unused in an abandoned hotel in Bodie, California. This is a great trip to go on not to far. If you like ghost towns

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Gone but not forgotten, these once-bustling mining outposts offer visitors a look at Old West ghost towns, from kitschy to untouched.

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