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In 1961 Bandura conducted a controversial experiment known as the Bobo doll experiment, to study patterns of behavior , at least in part, by social learning ...


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What Does the Bobo Doll Experiment Reveal About Kids and Aggression?

Quality article about the Bobo Doll Experiment and the historic findings and implications it produced!

Albert Bandura's Bobo Doll experiment helped show that children exposed to violence are more likely to express it and escalate it. this video shows that the child exposed to violence took it a step further and was more interested in the gun as a weapon.


Vicarious Reinforcement Explained with Examples: Did ? The Bobo Doll Experiment by way of Albert Bandura (1961) is one in… #Life_Style

Bandura's Bobo Doll Experiment - The Brain: A Secret History - experiment on violence and children


Bandura's Bobo doll experiments highlight the importance of social learning - and it applies to online learning, too.