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Create a Voronoi tessellated lamp with a 24 NeoPixel Ring and control it with an Arduino/Genuino101 over Bluetooth Low Energy! By gov.

from Ars Technica

Hands-on: Blue Hydra can expose the all-too-unhidden world of Bluetooth

Bluetooth Low Energy devices like smart watches, "wearables," give you up all day.

Nikon has recently launched the new DSLR camera - Nikon D3400, though it is a compact but yet a powerful camera, as it is well equipped with BLE i.e. Bluetooth Low Energy, and using this sharing your memories becomes easier.

from CNET Japan


クルザニッチ氏が指先でつまんでいるのがマイクロコントローラーユニット「Curie」   2015年に発表されたCurieは、パターンマッチング技術が盛り込まれたIntel Quark SEマイクロコントローラに加え、BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy)、加速度センサ、ジャイロセンサなどを統合したIoT向けの小型モジュールだ。たとえば、ウェアラブルデバイスなどに搭載することで、装着者の動きから得られたさまざまなセンシング情報を収集できる。

Una breve descrizione di Seeedstudio Blend Micro, una scheda di sviluppo da associare a un dispositivo mobile come uno smartphone. Essa mette assieme Arduino con Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy (aka BLE or Bluetooth Smart) per applicazioni di vario tipo come l'Internet delle Cose.