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Goodnight. A beautiful fool moon here tonight in Scotland and I've alway's said I can never sleep when it is a full moon!


Today {31/8} is the last Blue Moon until 2015. The term "blue moon" refers to the 2nd full moon in one month ~ a rare event.

from Live Science

Full Moon on Friday Is a Blue Moon: Here's Why

Thought to be called "blue" after an old english term meaning "betrayer," a Blue Moon is an extra new moon that occurs due to a quirk of the calendar.


How often does a full moon occur twice in a single month? Exactly once in a Blue Moon.The term "Blue Moon" refers to the second Full Moon in a month.


Next blue moon July 31. A blue moon is an additional full moon that appears in a subdivision of a year, either the third of four full moons in a season or, a second full moon in a month of the common calendar. The phrase has nothing to do with the actual color of the moon, although a literal "blue moon" (the moon appearing with a tinge of blue) may occur in certain atmospheric conditions; e.g.,when there are volcanic eruptions or when exceptionally large fires leave particles in the…

A blue moon occurs approximately once every 2.7 years. It's energy is 12 times more powerful than a regular full moon......


It's a blue moon tonight, here's what that means