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Great Blue Hole – An incredible blue hole showcasing how our ocean levels fluctuated over history.

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Deans Blue Hole in the Bahamas. Currently the worlds deepest sea-hole at 663-feet, it's almost twice as deep as any of the other Blue Holes in the Caribbean that were formed when limestone chambers caved in from above.

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The Great Blue Hole in Belize, Caribbean Ocean

The Great Blue Hole is located off the coast of Belize - it is found in the middle of the Lighthouse Reef ecosystem. The Great Blue Hole measures 984 feet (300 m) across. The sink hole plunges 394 feet (120 m) deep and provides divers with a crystal clear haven for exploring this underwater wonder #travel...x

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" The Great Blue Hole, Belize " It was formed as a limestone cave system during the last glacial period when sea levels were much lower. As the ocean began to rise again, the caves flooded, and the roof collapsed.Believed to be the world’s largest feature of its kind, the Great Blue Hole is part of the larger Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System

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My 8 Craziest Belize Adventures from Rappelling to Swimming with Sharks to Snorkeling Belize's Blue Hole

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St Lawrence

The Azure window is a limestone natural arch on the Maltese island of Gozo. It is situated near Dwejra Bay on the Inland Sea, Malta.

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