This is too beautiful, I had to pin it! Vivid cobalt blue flowers & shutters. Photo by Roberta Giustini. Spring dreams during a heavy autumn snow. ;-)

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Makeup as art Makeup is getting arty this season. It’s time to get some confidence with coloured eye shadows, lashes and lip sticks! From the newest trend of face lace to neon eyes and huge lashes, layer it on and go wild! Here are some serious face art ideas ready for festivals and clubs!

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A drop in the ocean... • photo: Marsaliath on Flickr - i like the effect that the raindrop has given on the petal and the deep detail on the flower.

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bridesmaid tiffany blue dresses | Tiffany Blue Wedding Details / Couture Tiffany Blue flower girl ...

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Forget me nots: There are approximately 200 species in the genus, with much variation. Most have small, (1 cm diameter or less) flat, 5-lobed blue, pink or white flowers with yellow centers, growing on scorpioid cymes. They bloom in spring. Leaves are alternate. Popular in gardens, forget-me-nots prefer moist habitats and where they are not native, they have escaped to wetlands and riverbanks. They can tolerate partial sun and shade.~ Wikipedia

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