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How to Steam Fresh Blue Crabs

How to Steam Fresh Blue Crabs | Have you ever enjoyed fresh blue crabs? Here's how to bring that great bay flavor home to try for yourself. Recipe and How to at

Mangalore-Style Crab Sukka More


Garlic Crab

This is a simi difficult recipe, but the result is ever so delectable. I had something like this at Crustaceans in San Francisco. They used the wonderful Dungeness crabs, but here in Virginia I had to settle for Blue crabs, which turned out just as nice.


Steamed Maryland Blue Crab with Old Bay

Steaming is a great cooking method for Maryland blue crab. Not only does it result in tender, succulent flesh, but it also means you can flavor the steaming liquid and this flavor will soak into the crab, giving it a subtle yet very nice taste. The following recipe calls for beer, vinegar, salt and seafood seasoning to act as the steaming liquid, and these flavors are fantastic with the crab.


Avocado Stuffed with Blue Crab

Avocado Stuffed with Blue Crab -Delicious, fresh, lump blue crab meat combined…

Poor Man's Crab Dip

This is a cold crab dip recipe that is made with immitation crab meat. Being from Maryland, I know there is nothing like real Blue Crab chunks, but lets face it.. it's expensive. I made this recipe up because I was tired of buying pre-made crab dips in the store and constantly being dissatisfied with the flavor. I hope you enjoy this easy Poor Man's Crab Dip. - Poor Man's Crab Dip