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Vivien T. Thomas. In 1944, Hopkins' surgery chief, Alfred Blalock, successfully operated on the heart of a 9-pound child. Medical experts believed cardiac surgery was impossible. As Blalock prepared to make his historic incision, he looked around the operating room and asked, "Where's Vivien?" Blalock would not begin until Thomas, stationed on a stool behind his right shoulder, was there to guide Blalock through procedures.

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Nursery room decor - BE A KID - Gray, Turquoise, Wheat, Green -11x14 - Print

Nursery room decor BE A KID Gray Turquoise by CreativeWildChild

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Made me smile :o) This morning in the queue at the bank my daughter was marching on the spot shouting 'Im marching, I'm an ant' bemused does not even cover the look on peoples faces!

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