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Blue Apron ingredients and recipe card. A once-a-week subscription service that provides recipes and ingredients to make 3 meals for the number of people you specify; 2 or 4. Meals are $9.99 per person, so for a box of 3 meals it is $60. You can get a special deal on your first week - two free meals, so it'd cost $39.96 for 2 ppl or $49.94 for 4 (normally $69.94). Delivery is free.

Why Blue Apron Can Deliver Ingredients for Less Than 60% of What Your Grocery Store Charges

5 Ways to Cut the Cost of Meal Delivery Services like Munchery and Blue Apron.

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Blue Apron ... all the ingredients you need to make 3 delicious meals! Fresher than the supermarket!

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Compare Meal Delivery Plans - Cost vs Value - Blue Apron vs Forage

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Home Chef costs the same as Blue Apron but lets you choose your own recipes! #ingredientkit

Outsourcing for their fresh produce, Blue Apron goes directly to the source to help keep cost down. I look at the fact that they work with local farmers as a conscious socially responsible decision that also helps keep cost down. It's a win-win-win.

I recently got a great deal on my first Blue Apron delivery, so I took the long awaited plunge and tried it out. Visit the blog to read about my experience and what my thoughts are on whether the food is tasty and if the service is worth its cost. #BlueApron #subscription #fooddelivery

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