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Revealed: The Antarctic iceberg that looks like a giant humbug

water is one of the few substances that is slightly denser as a liquid than as a solid. This is why ice cubes float in water.Second Most icebergs actually contain a lot of air. Far from being the solid blocks of ice many people imagine, icebergs are riddled with billions of tiny, trapped air bubbles, giving the huge bergs their white appearance.icebergs are made from fresh water . Because of the dissolved salts in ocean water, it is denser than freshwater

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You'll be on cloud nine with this soft and cosy blanket, featuring fluffy little clouds in a blue summer sky.Fluffy White Clouds is a baby blanket inspired by those perfect spring days where the clouds drift through the sky.The blanket is knitted in stocking stitch using the intarsia technique to incorporate the clouds. The blanket measures 90.5 × 67 cm (35.5 × 26.5 in), sized to fit a pram, crib, cot or Moses basket, with a 2.5 cm (1 in) moss stitch border to prevent curling. The border is…

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Pair of woman's mitts Italian, 18th century Italy DIMENSIONS 34.3 x 10.5 cm (13.5 x 4.125 in.) MEDIUM OR TECHNIQUE Silk knit nit, lace CLASSIFICATION Costumes ACCESSION NUMBER 38.1253a-

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beautiful blue eyed kitty: How cats can I have before,they start calling me the "Crazy Cat Lady"? I love this little one! I want it!

CAT SNIP: Cats of note. Do cats love music? Anecdotal evidence say they do, but they're sensitive to sounds that are too loud. Classical music played softly in the background is best. Supposedly, one Russian Blue was so fond it, he'd pick up his rawhide chew stick and conduct !

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