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Blue And White Ballet Pumps

By Hanna Flint for MailOnline

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Preppy Summer: Navy and white flare check print dress, cropped white cardigan, and red ballet flats.

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Cinderella Shoes - Shoes - Wedding Shoes - Blue Wedding Shoes - Blue Flats - Blue Wedding Flats - Choose From Over 150 Colors - Ballet

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The perfect date outfit calls for the perfect date make-up! What would you wear, where would you go and most importantly, what Colour products would you use to polish off your look?

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Alexa Chung Gets Candid with Hillary Kerr—See the Hilarious Interview

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Proof That Alexa Chung Is The Queen Of Denim

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Dazzling Flats for Your Bridal Party

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I look at this cute outfit and my thought is 'Hey, that purse would make a good diaper bag!' haha