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Akira Fujii / Sky & Telescope It's showtime for the total lunar eclipse #Moon

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The BLOOD MOON rises: Amazing images and footage of the first total lunar eclipse of 2014

I remember seeing this when I was really little and being quite confused and a little scared!

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Cosmic Spring Moon - Ritual + Wisdom

Back or side boob

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Anne Stokes

Dragon and Beauty protecting each other.

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Howling wolfs practicing for the upcoming Blood moon with a lunar eclipse...whooo, wooot, woot whoooo!!!!

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Late Night Randomness (29 Photos)

Lunar eclipse phases.

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Blood Moon Eclipse

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handa: Red Moon, Eclipse lunaire sur le Mexique, le 14 Avril 2014 15.

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Random Inspiration 131

Amazing rotated lunar eclipse time lapse composite. Like a string of red-gold pearls in the evening sky.

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