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Julius Streicher - Owner and publisher of the anti-Semitic weekly, Der Stürmer, and one of the most despicable creatures to emerge from the Third Reich. Der Stürmer was the Natl. Enquirer über alles of it's day, substituting pornographic accounts of Jewish men raping German maidens for gossip, and re-introducing the "blood libel" against the Jews, accusing them of murdering German children and using the blood to make bread for holy festivals. Streicher was hanged for war crimes in 1946.


The Murder of William of Norwich: The Origins of the Blood Libel in Medieval Europe by E.M. Rose,

from Mail Online

New film tells story of Polish villagers who slaughtered Jews


Jews during one of the deportations from Szydłowiec to the death camp of Treblinka. Photographed by an anonymous German photographer and the end of 1942 or the beginning of 1943.