Comic book fans, both blind and sighted, are asking Netflix to provide audio descriptions for "Daredevil," a show about a blind superhero.

Jessica Jones rewrote the superhero rulebook – Can Daredevil's second series match its success? The blind superhero is back in action for a great season two opener - but is the series already behind the times, wonders Huw Fullerton

Netflix's original series Daredevil, which stars a blind superhero, was originally hard for blind audience members to understand. The series was released without audio description that would make it accessible to the visually-impaired. TV broadcasters are required to release such descriptions for some content, but Netflix, as an internet streaming service, faces no such requirement.

Isaac Brynjegard-Bialik (American) "The Menorah" ~ Artist’s Statement: The Knesset Menorah is itself a history text, with scenes carved, detailing the history of the Jewish people. In “The Menorah,” cut-up scenes and speech bubbles from Daredevil comics stand in lieu of these stories; the story of this blind superhero who faces continual trials and challenges serves as a parallel to the high and low points of our people’s narrative.

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