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“She was fire, and light, and ash, and embers. She was Aelin Fireheart, and she bowed for no one and nothing, save the crown that was hers by blood and survival and triumph.”

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Void Stiles. Honestly the most depressing season of them all so far...

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Blade Runner (TWO UNITS COMBINED) film study guide

I think it's stupid to suggest that Deckert could be a 'Replicant'. All of the the skin-jobs are "more human than human". That is why it's so sad. Blade Runner <3

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Blade Runner (30th Anniversary) (3 Discs) (Blu-ray/DVD)

The best sci-fi movie of all time. The characters have a depth to them that is unlike any other movie .

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Hands down best books I've read in a while! I know there are mixed reviews and you will probly either love it or hate it but I think the plot is great, the characters have depth and even though I love romance fantasy, I appreciate that love is NOT in the least bit the focal point of this series.

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Garth Nix on

Farwyn :: Illustration for the new @Chris Cote Allen & Unwin Aust edn of SABRIEL by Sebastian Ciaffaglione @SebCiaffaglione

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Supernatural Time! Art Print

Supernatural Time, come-on grab your guns, we are gonna go and hunt demons, with Sam the moose, and Dean the human, the world may often end, it's supernatural time!

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