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Blackthorn Walking Stick

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A Perfect Partner For A Long Walk..

Coldsteel... Irish Blackthorn Walking Stick ... Based on the original Irish shillelaghs (which were outlawed during the British occupation).. but instead of being made from the Blackthorn bush.. this walking stick/war club is made from injection molded polypropylene.. which keeps if from cracking or splintering...


Blackthorn, Ogham name Straif, rules the Dark half of the year. In Divination it represents strife, obstinacy, stand up for your rights, assertiveness. The Blackthorn stick or "Shillelagh" is the traditional walking stick of the Celt, doubling at need as a cudgel, combining supportiveness with the role of a weapon!


The shillelagh is recognized (as a symbol of Irishness. Shillelagh fighting sticks were traditionally made from blackthorn, oak, ash or hazel and smeared with butter then placed up a chimney to season, giving the stick its typical shiny, black appearance. Some sticks would have their tops bored out and molten lead poured in to add extra weight to the butt of the stick.

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Heavy irish blackthorn walking stick, shillelagh/bata

Heavy irish blackthorn walking stick, shillelagh/bata

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Irish Blackthorn Walking Sticks and Shillelaghs

Most popular Irish Walking Stick is the Blackthorn Irish Shillelagh.


Classic Canes Blackthorn Knobstick A traditional British walking stick the knobstick is made from coppiced wood usually ash hazel or blackthorn The


Buffalo horn handle walking stick on blackthorn with engraved silver collar.


Classic Canes Curly Rams Horn and Blackthorn Crook 2405 ndash Classic Canes Curly Ramshorn Crook A very original and eye-catching walking stick