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Fore Street Lambeth 1800s - I read the early 1900s Cockney London books by Mary Jane Staples (I think that was a pen name for Reg Staples???) and love them. This reminded me


Like Krishna, this woman is blue black — the blackest blue. Her name is Kushite and she’s an Indian Beggar in Mumbai, South India. She is subject to extensive prejudice cause of her dark blue skin! She is Dravidian — The ancient “blue race” of India and it still exists in the bloodlines up to today.


Pereira Street, 1913, just before it was finally demolished, as part of the slum clearances in Whitechapel/Limehouse/Shoreditch


Somewhere on the Bow Back Waters around 1900. It was originally called Stratford Marsh... By the eighteenth century industrialisation was taking place and many wharfs were created to accommodate the import of timber, chalk, stone, coal, and wheat. By 1821, the earliest proper dock named Stratford Dock, later called Meggs Dock was created just up from Bow Bridge but after 1920, the whole site had been filled in and was occupied by factories and workshops that didn’t depend on water access.