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Recently there was a poll to find the blackest man on planet earth. And the person has been found in Africa. Similar polls were done to find the whitest man alive on planet as well.


Donald Trump supporter wants to burn a black man alive: “Light the motherf**ker on fire”

The horror at a Trump rally in Las Vegas last night has been nurtured by Fox News for years

Viral 'Not All Officers Are Racist': Black Man's Defense of Police Goes Viral

The only black man alive with a stronger defence than #Mayweather is OJ Simpson 😂😂😂 #floydmayweather #moneyfloydmayweather #floydmoneymayweather #prettyboyfloyd #rogermayweather #ydksab #flomo #tbe #tmt #themoneyteam #shoulderroll

Victoria Beckham knows being British makes her too white for Samuel L. Jackson at Wimbledon. Want sto say something, but... he's thee scariest Black man alive, lol

Walter would most likely admire Mohammed Al Amoundi because he is the richest black man alive today