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Plague doctor...the "beak" would contain herbs that would help to protect the Doctor from contracting the disease. It was basically useless...of course they didn't realize how disease was spread and the different methods of cross contamination, etc...


A map of the progress of the bubonic plague in Europe during the 14th Century AD, by Sean Twiddy


its a doctors mask used when there was the plague in england doctors thought that the black plague was contagious through the air so they packed the beak with sage or rosemary to stop the plague


Plague Doctor mask in black leather "Schnabel"

This mask is identical to our popular plague doctor mask Krankheit, but with an extended beak. It measures about 2½ longer (6.3 cm).…


A medicina do passado em 25 fotos arrepiantes e históricas que todos devem ver

Plague doctors in the and century wore these creepy masks to avoid breathing in putrid air, which they believed would cause infection. The beaks were filled with perfume. Popular scents were balm mint leaves, ambergris, cloves, camphor, myrrh, and rose.