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and then you're suddenly racist whether you are offended, or are not offended and thus did not stand up for black people everywhere

from New Republic

How Many White People Does It Take to Ruin a Good Joke?

White People Are Co-Opting Black People's Jokes About White People | The New Republic

from Mad World News

‘Black People, You’re A F*ckin’ Joke’: EPIC Rant RIPS Ferguson Protestors

Ill. Mom’s Anti-Black Lives Matter Rant Goes Viral Peggy Hubbard believes that Black Lives Matter protesters need to protest the loss of black life by black people before addressing police brutality.

Hey, Michael Rapaport: Liking Hip-Hop Doesn’t Mean You Get to Tell Black People How to Feel Actor Michael Rapaport made a joke that wasn’t a joke on Twitter. Few black people laughed, but he insisted that he was right anyway. Don't step on my Blackness trying to instruct me on how I should wear it...

Here Are a Bunch of Things White People Can Do That Black People Probably Couldn’t Get Away With - The Root

BLM Supporter Questioned Heroic Cop's Motive At OSU Attack - can you believe this shit now they're just reaching for shit to pin on white people black entitlement matters is a joke yeah this white police officer killed this black man that was butchering people only because he was a racist LOL how desperate can you get